Keep Up On Crawford Brew Works Events

At Crawford Brew Works, we're dedicated to bringing you a great experience. Great beer will bring you in, but a great atmosphere will bring you back. We try to keep our calendar full of fun events that you will enjoy coming to. When the weather is nice, count on us for some of the best food trucks in the Quad Cities. We host trivia nights, yoga workouts, fundraisers, and other great events that will continue to serve our customers and the community. Check out our calendar for the newest events. If you have an event you want to book at Crawford Brew Works, hit the button below.

Come enjoy one of our many events:


Sep 26
Smash Pizzeria on the Patio
Sep 27
Cushman's Food & Engine
Sep 27
Floyd's Cheeseburgers
Sep 28
Cushman's Food and Engine Food Truck
Sep 29
Food Truck: A Culinary Experience
Sep 30
BBQ by CC&B Moblie

Event times subject to change.

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